Crazy Goat content

So me and my daughter are playing GS3 for some time. Today we took it to the new extreme. Has anyone played with the hudge hen that lives on a farm near the Pimp my ride garage? It can eat anything that landed on it’s bowl.
Soo we took the house from the coast, the one that you need to uproot in one mission. And guess what. It ate the house :smiley: then of course we sat on the egg to see if it will multiply the eaten object. Yeap few new houses went flying out hahaha.


Wait you can incubate the eggs to duplicate objects? I always just headbutted it so I had no idea lol


Bruv I didn’t know that either lol


Haha indeed. Today I’ve read the new Glitch Master reports on Steam. The Hen can duplicate anything from 1 up to 15. It ate the house. As long as the bottom of the bowl :bowl_with_spoon: touches the thing you want to be eaten. Enjoy 15 Paradise apples, babes, cars, houses, etc. Out of one :smiley:

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