Want to have my son test the game

My son has been a fan of the games from the firest times he found them, he is having health issues, so we’re limited in what he can do, and also questions on will he be around, lit looks promising but still as a dad, you never know and worry and want to allow him to have good memories if possible. If there is beta testing or anything, I would really like to get him involved if possible. Thank you. I know this is probably not the right place, sorry, I’m not quite as tech as he is, but trying to do a nice thing, hopefully someone can help me


Same wish as me pal.

That’s such a thoughtful thing to do for your son, I hope your wish comes true!

he fine?

That is truly heartbreaking to hear I hope you and your son the best with everything!

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is he still fine?

its sad to hear he is having health issues, i hope he gets better and gets to test the game. you are a great father.

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