This question was asked before but im gonna twist it a little

So i know you guys are still considering the ps4 and xbox one but may i ask when youre done considering if its a yes whst would be the estimate release date. Just asking an honest question.

As they only are considering these ports they have not or have barely started developing them so it’ll probably be 6-24 months but probably more due to bug fixes, possible dlc or cross play, and them getting a break. It’s not guaranteed though. I don’t work there so don’t take my answer as fact, just an estimate.

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Only said this because im not really in the state to buy a ps5 at all :stuck_out_tongue:

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do you believe that there WILL be a ps4 release YOU NINGIN ( joke comment and the ningen part is a dbz refrence)

Im more of a “buncha jokas” person

xbox series s and rent out the ps4

uts what i did but you might not since you probably still play other games n it