Pilgor(base, GS3)vs Celestial Wings steve

Strength: Pilgor she can charge the headbutt
Speed: Steve because of his headbutt
Power: Pilgor no need to explain
Hax/Abilities: Steve his wings
combat: Steve because of his headbutting
AP: Pilgor no need to explain
DC: Pilgor because while Steve DC is incredible Pilgor Can charge her headbutt
Experience: Pilgor she is much older than Steve
Skills: Steve he has the infinite headbutt wallclimb wall jump glitch and celestial wings
IQ: Pilgor i really don’t need to explain
B-iQ: Steve because he was able to create his special move by using the celestial wings to get closer and then launch himself with a headbutt
Durability: Pilgor she has taken so many hits
Agility: Steve because he can move his body faster as he is smaller
overall: 7-5 Pilgor wins mid-low diff


Keep in mind it’s base so no gears or anything


I know, but thanks anyways! :sunglasses: