Moderator GS3 forum

How could I apply for moderator? Or is this something that is given to someone by the systeem or pilgor?

I hope I could gain an answer
and everyone who tried to give me an answer thanks in advance

I’d like to thank @TheColorW for the answer

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The trust level Leader (aka “Moderator”) is not granted automatically. Pilgor is the official forum account of the Community Management, by the way.

We - speaking on behalf of the CM’s - are currently not looking for new moderators.

Normally, new moderators are chosen by staff. Applications are rather uncommon. You qualify by being active, helpful, kind and knowledgeable. Potential candidates are picked when we feel there is need to expand the moderation team.

Thank you.


thank you @Munin, @TheColorW has told me the same thing but I’d still like to thank you for the answer.

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