How to explode 10 people at once?

I just got this game yesterday for PS5
I can’t figure out how to explode 10 people at once!
Can anyone help me please?
I tried gathering people next to a car and explode the car but every walks away to fast.


My way:
1.Buy a satellite dish in the shop
2.Go to the quest “Fishing fanatic” at Fairmeadows Ranch
3.Put the dynamite in the dish
4.Go to Dystopia
5.Detonate a group of people at the concert, make sure there are 10 people in it
And done!
Notes: Go to Dystopi on your feet, because in vehicles and other means of transport(e.g. satellite dish)you may disappear dynamite.
PS: I am from Poland, I wrote on translator so sorry for mistakes/ illogic