Does anyone know why a steam release isn't planned (yet)?

I haven’t found any straight answers to this question. I also just tend to use steam more than other platforms bc I prefer steam.

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I think its game exclusive epic games store for a year

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Yeah that’s what I’ve heard, I’ll probably end up either just waiting or using epic store more often tbh.

Just wanted to check if coffee stain made any official announcements or anything.

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they didnt because of the fortnite collab with the new skin thats why steam will come once collab is over

Not true, it’s an exclusive for EG and will not go away once the colab is over. Most likely will be on steam in a year or two

thats what i said? i never said it would be removed from steam

Epic Exclusive for 1 year :slight_smile: After that it might come to Steam, who knows.