Co-living with goat

The Co-living with goat video tape opening credits are silent now. Didn’t there used to be a catchy cheesy TV theme song? Was is copyright claimed? Or have I slid into an alternate dimension?

As far as I am aware it was always silent, I remember it weirding me out when the game first came out

I cant remember well. I can imagine it being both but id rather say it was always silent…

I think it was silent too. I also wonder if they will make episode 2.

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Verry good question. Maybe for the DLC

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It said it was made by Cuck Lorry that’s similar to Chuck Lorre who made Young Sheldon! If you don’t know what Young Sheldon is then go onto Netflix and watch it!

Also it stars Chandler Bang which is very similar to Chandler Bing in the show Friends. Who was played by Matthew Perry RIP