All My Progress Except For My Missions And Goat Towers Are Gone

I logged in 2 months ago or longer than that, i’ve been trying to resolve this bug but I can’t seem to fix it, I can’t find anything.

I Play On PS5.

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And I have been dying to play the new DLC but my items are gone.

Did you get it by installing it on the PS5 or is it on disc?

I got it by a disc.

Kk, try to see if there are any scratches or smudges on the disc, bc that might be what’s causing the bug

I just cleaned the disc and it is still not working. There might just be nothing that we can do to fix the bug.

Is there any other ways to clean the disc?

If you get a small amount of toothpaste and gently rub it in with a paper towel, (preferably something softer and less abrasive) it should get rid of any scratches of smudges

And if that doesn’t work, take it back to where you got it and tell them what’s wrong with the disc and they’ll try to figure out something

I will do the cleaning method but I ordered the game from Amazon, is there any store that specializes in fixing discs etc?

I’m not sure but I don’t think so, maybe take it to a best buy or a GameStop? Those are the only two tech shops I know of that might be able to help

Alright will do thanks a bunch man.


It won’t be a issue with the disk as your save data it on your console

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Oh, I forgot about this lol but i cleaned the disc and nothing happened so. I also synced the save data and nothing happened.

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